25 Zero-Effort Diet Tips For Your Healthiest Day Ever—Even When You're Insanely Busy – Telegraph

You hit the snooze button for the last time and fumble your way into the kitchen. Now try these healthy eating tips…

1. Drink orange juice with added calcium.
If you start the day with orange juice, don't miss the chance to get calcium too. This superstar mineral fends off PMS, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. And it might even help you lose weight! Most calcium-fortified orange and grapefruit juices have as much calcium as milk—or more!

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2. Take a multivitamin.
One little pill, such big benefits! People who take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement have dramatic reductions in the risk of colon cancer and heart disease, studies show. Another benefit: The folic acid in your multi is almost two times more absorbable than the form of this vitamin found in food. But if you prefer to skip the supplements, here are the best foods to eat instead.

3. Have "7-gram" cereal.
If you can't part with your cereal bowl, make sure you get one with at least 7g of fiber per serving. (Here are the 7 best low-sugar cereals that don't taste like twigs.) Not only is fiber a cancer fighter, but it actually cancels out some of the calories you eat. For example, if you eat 30g of fiber a day—slightly more than double what most of us get—your body will absorb 120 fewer calories a day. That adds up to a 13-pound loss in a year! Also try these five ways to sneak more fiber into your diet.

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4. Toss some blueberries on that cereal.
Blueberries are youth berries. Even frozen blueberries are so packed with antioxidants that just ½ cup can double the antioxidant power of most people's diets—something that experts suspect will slow down your aging clock. Studies also show that blueberries can protect your mental sharpness and prevent memory loss!

5. Make your coffee with milk.
If you make instant coffee with hot water, all you're getting is a wake-up call. Use milk, and you've got cafe au lait—along with insurance against osteoporosis from the calcium and vitamin D in the milk. (Watch for these 8 other ways you're ruining the health perks of your coffee.)

Check out your body on coffee:

6. Drink a glass of water when you brush your teeth.
You've got the water and the glass right there. So drink! Only one-third of all Americans get the recommended eight glasses daily. Think a little shortfall doesn't matter? Signs of mild dehydration include fatigue upon awakening, fatigue at midday, lack of concentration, and headaches.

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